About Us

RxPharmacyDiscounts is a pharmacy prescription drug discount program that provides free prescription medication discounts and savings to you at absolutely no cost. Our goal is to help uninsured and under-insured people afford their prescription needs by offering the best free discounts available. Search for free prescription drug savings coupons at over 68,000 pharmacies across the U.S. Simply print a free drug coupon card from this website, take it to a local participating pharmacy when paying for your prescription, and lower your medication costs with significant savings and discounts!

  • Free For Everyone - Everyone is eligible to get pharmacy discounts with a RxPharmacyDiscounts Coupon Card. These coupon cards can be used to supplement most health insurance plans including Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and High Deductible Plans. They can also be used as a Medicare Part D supplement by providing discounts on drugs.
  • No Restrictions - There are no enrollment forms, no age or income requirements, no waiting periods, no eligibility required, no exclusions, covers pre-existing conditions, no claim forms to file, no annual or lifetime limits.
  • Lowest Price - RxPharmacyDiscounts.com uses Lowest Price Logic to guarantee that you get the best pricing on prescriptions (Card/Coupon holders pay the lower of a discount off Average Wholesale Price-AWP, discount off MAC Pricing, or Pharmacy Promotional/Retail price). You can save up to 90% on your medications (average savings are roughly 30%)!
  • Medications - The pharmacy coupon cards provide discounts on brand and generic medications, open formulary so that all medications are eligible for discounts.
  • Accepted Everywhere - Our discount prescription coupon cards are pre-activated and accepted at over 68,000 pharmacies around the country including most major chains.
  • Confidential - No personal information is required to get a coupon. No personal information is collected on processed prescriptions.